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Massachusetts Requirement for Carbon Monoxide Alarms

In November 2005, Governor Mitt Romney signed “Nicole’s Law” which places certain requirements on owners of all residential properties to install and maintain carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. The Board of Fire Prevention Regulations has developed the regulations (527 CMR 31.00) establishing the specific requirements of the law including the type, location, maintenance and inspection requirements for the alarms.

Who Is Impacted by this Law?

  • All residential buildings;
  • Transient residential buildings such as hotels and motels;
  • Institutional buildings such as hospitals, nursing homes, rest homes and jails;
  • Group day care & after school centers. Only properties with a potential source of carbon monoxide such as fossil-fuel burning equipment or an enclosed or attached garage are affected by this law.

What Do I Have to Do?

Install CO alarms on every level of your home except for basements and attics that do not have habitable living spaces (i.e., family rooms, dens, etc.) by March 31, 2006.

Landlords Must Inspect Annually and at Start of Each Rental Period

Landlords must inspect, maintain, and replace, if necessary, required CO alarms annually and at the beginning of any rental period. Tenants should report any problems with detectors to the landlord immediately and learn to recognize the difference between the smoke alarm and the carbon monoxide detector. Learn more about Massachusetts requirements....


Daniels Electric offers service programs to inspect and maintain carbon monoxide and smoke detectors for your home, apartments or business. Contact us today for your own customized plan and to have us determine what is required by your specific town as some local departments have different requirements.

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that Daniels Electric has inspected and verified that your home or business is protected and that you are in compliance with Massachusetts requirements.

Sources of Carbon Monoxide

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