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Daniels Electric has extensive experience with new construction and remodeling of residential and commercial buildings, custom designed homes are also one of our specialties. We also offer lighting design services to our customers. We have a service department at your ready which can handle any small jobs that may come up. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Smoke Detector Facts

We at Daniels Electric would like to bring to your attention some key points regarding Smoke/Fire detection and offer our services to you.

Did you know Smoke Detectors…..?

  • Should be replaced after 10 years
  • Should have the batteries replaced at least annually
  • Should be cleaned
  • Should be tested
  • May have passed inspection by the Fire Dept but need some or all of the above

Homeowner’s sometimes put off fixing or maintaining items in their house. But if you forget to maintain your smoke detectors it can be deadly!

Let Daniels Electric take the worry of that away from you. By setting up a custom designed maintenance program for you.

We would like to offer a free in home evaluation of you current system as well as propose a custom designed smoke detection maintenance program for your house.

We have been in the Electrical Contracting business since 1986 serving the Merrimack Valley and surrounding areas.

Smoke Detection Maintenance Program

  1. Document all current detectors, brand and model number along with current location (hall, bedroom etc.)
  2. Inspect & clean all detectors
  3. Replace all batteries
  4. Test for proper Voltage (Hard wired units)
  5. Test system
  6. Schedule a 6 or 12 month return visit

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