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Considering lighting at the architectural design stage of building your dream home or renovation project will help you clarify your use of each area in the home, as well as create the aesthetic impact you would like to achieve. A good lighting plan will provide the balanced illumination necessary for all the activities in the house, yet be as unobtrusive and as energy efficient as possible. With the help of our lighting design department let Daniels Electric, LLC design a custom lighting system for you

As we design your new living space, and we incorporate your lighting scheme, there are a few "rules of the road".

First, lighting is both an art and a science, so, unless you are very lighting literate, it would be wise to work with a Daniels Electric lighting consultant. We are able to accurately place lights, decide which fixtures are best and how much illumination is required in each specific space.

Next, with our lighting designers guidance, determine the lighting effects you and your family require room by room. Though lighting requirements will vary in different areas of a residence, they will usually fall in four main categories: General lighting, Accent lighting, Wall Wash lighting, and Task lighting.

Think about lighting and the rooms in your home. Without proper lighting in the kitchen, cooking and other kitchen activities can become a chore rather than a pleasure. You'll discover that the best kitchen lighting is not only functional but also adds grace and visual interest -- factors that combine to make your kitchen both an easy and pleasant place to work.

Would you enjoy a family room that magically changes from a large gallery for parties to an intimate space for an evening of coffee and conversation? Proper lighting can do that for you. How about a dining room that is easily transformed from a bright, informal extended family dinner setting to a warmly lit, romantic table for two, or a master bedroom that can be open and airy or cozy enough to read in bed while another alongside you sleeps peacefully and undisturbed? All of these situations and more can be addressed through properly designed lighting system.

In today's new homes and those built in the future, individuals and developers alike are adding lighting experts to their cadre of consultants. Interior and exterior design, colors, fabrics, furniture, floor coverings, and lighting equally share consideration when it comes to creature comforts and as well as practical needs.

Master Electrician Stephen Daniels has been installing and designing lighting systems for over 20 years. Let his experience go to work for you!